Middlebury Sky

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve revealed a new piece on the blog, and even longer since I’ve revealed a painting! I thought we needed to resolve that problem, so I present to you Middlebury Sky!

MS 1 - Edited

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 8″ x 10″

When: Spring/Summer 2016

Time to complete: A few hours

MS 2 - Edited

Thought process: This was fairly straight forward. I am obsessed with clouds lately (just ask my family!), and took this photo of clouds over a local field.

Problems with this piece: My technique was a little different. Normally I do fairly thin layers of paint, but I wanted to experiment with more texture and thicker layers. It was a challenge to work with; I kept smearing the colors more than I would have liked, but overall I think it turned out well enough to make the trouble worth it 🙂

MS 4 - Edited

Fun tidbits: Okay, here’s where I reveal that I’m just a kid trapped inside an adult’s body when I’m in my studio: no brushes were used to create this painting. This, my friends, is an adult version of a finger painting!

Say what???

Last year I was working on another painting (which is still not finished yet….) and I just could not get a cloud right. The paintbrush was just making these brush strokes and not making the cloud light and fluffy like I wanted. I finally just took my finger and smoothed it out, and I LOVED how it looked! I ended up going back over the entire painting with my fingers, and it turned out beautiful. The trees still need a little tweaking, so once that’s finished, I’ll reveal the painting that started it all!

MS 3 - Edited

Ever since that moment, I haven’t used a single paint brush for the actual painting process. I love being able to connect directly with my paintings, and by using my fingers, I can do that. It is therapeutic!

Product availability: At this time, only the original is available.


So what do you think? Finger painted oils – super crazy or unique? Or a bit of both? 😉

3 thoughts on “Middlebury Sky

  1. ha! Perfect! Now you’ve just given the rest of us the ability to play with our paint! Thanks!

    BTW, I can’t get the image of the lady hit by the AC out of my head! It is amazing it didn’t kill her!

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