New Products!

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve already seen some postings for new products being added to my Etsy store over the past couple of weeks.

But what you may not know is that other products have been going up without the announcements.

Sneaky sneaky, I know 😉

Here’s a rundown of everything new and/or improved:

Improved – Silver dangle earrings:


I now offer these with a silver dotted design around the edges for just a little bit of extra detail. You can find the original plain silver design in my store as well.

New – Bronze dangle earrings:

6 cup

Hello, gorgeous. For those of us that silver just doesn’t look great against their skin tone, this bronze option is just amazing!

New – Bronze AND Silver stud earrings:

15 detail

3 stand


Don’t like dangle earrings, but love the watercolor jewelry? Now we have studs in both the silver and bronze! So many amazing designs to choose from.

New – Bronze necklaces:

3 angle

Again, bronze for those who don’t like to wear the silver. There are some great vintagey necklaces available, too!

New – Harry Potter inspired collection:

download (2)

For all my fellow geeks/nerds/Potterheads! It all started when I found a pendant tray that resembled the Deathly Hallows symbol and I thought Hogwarts house specific colored insets should be added to them. Then the idea grew when I decided there needed to be matching Hogwarts house colored earrings.


The collection consists of the Deathly Hallows/Hogwarts house colored necklaces, and Hogwarts house colored dangle and stud earrings. All of this collection is in bronze only.

Also available later this week are new silver necklace designs as well! I think there are a total of 60 that will be getting updated or added to the Etsy store this week, so be sure to check back.


All of these will be available at the Brockport Arts Festival this weekend, August 13th-14th. The Cat and the River Thames will also be making its festival debut, as well as some brand new oil paintings. I’ll be in front of Chase Bank; hope to see you there!

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