DIY Grid Wall Display

It’s art festival season, and I’m revamping my booth design…again.

I have these wooden hangers for my paintings that we made last year, and I wanted to change them up:


Those hangers are still in pretty good condition, but they need repainting and some of the hooks have fallen out during transportation.

They’re also heavy and take up a lot of space, both for storage in the off season and in my van while being transported.

I had a decision to make: do I spend money fixing these up, or invest in something better?

I started exploring the idea of investing in something better. I’ve been crushing on these grid wall panels for over a year now:

grid wall


They’re lightweight, durable, and easy to transport! I could hang them from my booth or get bases for them to stand up in.

However, shipping is RIDICULOUS. Like more than 3 times the price of one panel.

No thank you.

I started looking for other options, but a lot of the DIY projects were still going to be big and bulky, and I didn’t really want that.

I looked at Tractor Supply’s website and found a grid fence panel that was the size I wanted and the price I wanted, but it’s unavailable online and sold out everywhere.

Home Depot was another strike out. Anything in my budget wasn’t rigid enough.

I was ready to give up, when my husband checked out Lowes’ website. He found a decorative fence panel/garden trellis that would probably work, but was just above what I wanted to pay. I left the tab open on my computer and would keep coming back to keep looking at it, trying to figure out how I could make it work.

At one point I scrolled down to check reviews and happened to see the ‘Customers Also Viewed’ section, and saw these:

vine trellis


Umm, hello gorgeous. They’re the size I wanted, and decorative! And the panels hook together, like in the picture! Endless display options!

The best part?

I had FOUR of these panels at my house not being used.

Why didn’t I think of them earlier!?!???

Our friends gave them to us a couple years ago when they were downsizing and didn’t have a garden, so thought we might be able to use them. Who knew they’d end up being displays for my booth?

There was only one problem: they were black, and I wanted white. White would blend into my booth sides, making the art stand out more and just appear cleaner visually.

So my friend Mr. Spray Paint was invited to the party!



I was afraid the white may end up looking cheap or just weird, but I quickly discovered the white looked amazing, even after just a coat of paint!


And they looked even better when fully painted!


I think they’re better in white!

Not bad for paying less than $25 for a bunch of spray paint!

Stay tuned for when I reveal how they look in my booth with art hanging on them!


Do you like them better in white or black? Tell me about a DIY project you’ve completed!

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