Behind the Scenes: Natty

Today reveals the last Christmas gift commission:


Title: Natty

Medium: Graphite on paper

Size: 5 x 7

Time to complete: About 4 or 5 hours

Purpose: Commissioned by Pam B. as a Christmas gift for her boyfriend

Thought process: With the exception of a little cropping of the picture for a better composition, it was pretty straight forward.

Adding shading

However, there was an added element to this piece that made it a little harder on me: Pam and her boyfriend were expecting this to be Natty’s last Christmas, so the pressure was on to make sure that the piece was something they would treasure and remember their beloved pet for many years to come.

Sadly, Natty passed away before the drawing was ever completed.

Favorite parts: I love the fur! I feel like I’m getting a hang of drawing in fur 🙂

Least favorite part: I feel like I didn’t get the perspective or the darks dark enough. I feel like I say this often, so it’s something I’ll be working on.

Fun tidbits: Because this drawing is smaller than a lot of the ones I do, I was able to take it with me to the Gaslight Holiday Celebration and work on it during the quiet times

sketched in
Sketched in during the show

This is the fourth dog drawing I’ve done.

This is my third commission from the Western New York Artists website.


That wraps up the Christmas commissions! What piece did you like best?

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