Behind the Scenes: Homecoming Girls

It’s time to reveal the third Christmas gift commission!

Girls, finished

Title: Untitled (Homecoming Girls)

Medium: Graphite on paper

Size: 8 x 10, framed to 10 x 13

Time to complete: About 12 hours, but spanned over a few weeks.

Purpose: Commissioned by Marcy R. as a gift to her friend for Christmas.

Thought process: It was pretty straight forward. Marcy sent me the picture she wanted drawn up of her friend’s daughters, and all I had to do was crop it a little for a better composition and draw!

20151105_134633 (1)

Favorite part: I love how the flowers turned out! And I think I got the balance between all the pieces in the composition to work well together.

Oh, and I think I got the hair right. Hair is hard.

And seeing the piece framed! Pieces always look so much better in their frames 🙂


Least favorite part: The shoes of the girl on the left. Not satisfied with them, but every time I tried to make them better, they seemed to get worse. I hate it when that happens.

Problems with the piece: This piece had a few challenges. I’m always nervous to start a piece for someone I don’t know, especially when they’ve never seen my art in person. And to add to the nervousness, it was going to be a gift for a friend!


Getting the likeness of the girls was hard. All the other pieces with faces have been mostly about the face, where the face takes up most of the drawing. Trying to get all the detail for the likeness in such a small space was tricky. I think it turned out okay, but you all know me, I’m never fully satisfied with how my work turns out 😉

Fun tidbits: This was the second commission I’ve gotten from the Western New York Artists Network. The first one was this piece from last summer.


Next week will be the last Christmas gift commission reveal! Have a great week, everyone 🙂

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