Dansville ArtWorks Gallery

For the past two months, I’ve had the privilege of having three of my paintings on display at the Dansville ArtWorks Gallery in Dansville, NY.

This was the first gallery exhibit that Dansville ArtWorks has had. They’ve had pop up galleries here and there, but this was the first one in their new location.

Fun tidbits:

This was my first gallery experience as a full time artist; the last exhibit I was part of was back in college

My mom and dad came to the opening to support me

I got to display some of my watercolor jewelry in the consignment area of the gallery

Overall experience:

It was really nice to get to talk to artists during the opening reception; I still feel really new at this and very uncertain about myself. I was able to get a lot of advice about creating and selling art, and have already started putting things into practice.

It’s a really nice little gallery, and for their first real exhibit, I thought it was done pretty well. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the opening or what would come from the exhibit in general, but I would definitely display my work again for another exhibit.

A lot of you have asked, and no, I did not sell any of my pieces. I wasn’t expecting to, but just wanted to have the experience and see what it was like having work in a gallery. The funny thing is that I had my Blue Jay painting on display, and if I had had him at the AppleUmpkin festival, he would have sold there!

I did sell some of my jewelry, and enough to get back the costs of getting my pieces into the shop and gallery, plus a little extra. Not a bad experience at all!

Do you like to go to art galleries? Which one is your favorite?

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