Reminiscing About Today

It’s not that often that I get personal on this blog. I always try to include a little look into my life and my thought process in my posts, especially when looking back on a piece I created, but that’s about it.

Well, today is going to be a little bit different.

When I was little, art was my passion. I wanted to be an artist more than anything.

My mom was always wonderful, making sure I was fully stocked up with pencils and markers, and she would order me any new supplies that I may want. I remember she once got this huge block of clay for me. It was so heavy that we couldn’t lift it, so whenever I’d want a piece of it, we’d have to drag it out of the closet, cut a piece off, then slide it back. It was hard, back breaking work, but that memory always makes me smile.

My favorite place to create was usually the big dining room table, but I could also be found at my Care Bear picnic table by the kitchen window. I could watch birds and animals, see the colors of the sky change, and be the first to see my Daddy get home from a long day of work there.

It was at that picnic table 26 years ago today that I drew this picture:

I had just been talking with my mom about weddings and anniversaries and honeymoons; I’m not sure how we got on that topic as I was a tomboy and I was not that little girl who had dreams of the big white dress. Maybe we were talking about it because my mom and dad’s anniversary was just a little over a month away, I’m not sure. Something triggered, and I just had to draw me as a bride with the man of my dreams that day.

You’re probably thinking what is the significance of this drawing and why on earth am I posting it today. It didn’t strike us as significant until just a few years ago.

My husband and I were going through boxes of all of my papers from my childhood in my parent’s living room. I happened to find this picture in the stack of everything else, and thought it was sweet.

But then I noticed the date it was created: October 28, 1989.

The reason it’s significant? My husband and I got married October 28, 2006, seventeen years to the day that I created the drawing.

Now the picture is hanging in our home, complete with a pew decoration from our wedding.

My husband is my biggest supporter, and if you ever hear about my tech guy, or see pictures of my tech guy saving me from yet another computer/printer crisis, that would be him. Boathouse still would not be in print if he hadn’t rescued me again and again from my poor computer skills! Happy anniversary, Peter ❤

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing a drawing of mine from when I was a kid and this little story. Back to regular postings on Friday!

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