The Jesus Drawings: A Final Look and FAQ

Hey guys!

I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions on the Jesus drawing series (thank you; I love questions!), and I figured a frequently asked questions post was in order 🙂

You’ve mentioned some are on permanent display at your church; where are they and how are they displayed?

They are all framed and hanging in a foyer between the sanctuary, fellowship hall, and kitchen entryways. Here’s a glimpse of how they’re displayed:

How long did it take you to do all of them?

About 14 weeks, start to finish. There were some drawings that took over a week, others took just under a week to complete. The hours varied for each drawing as well, from about 5 hours to almost 15! There were times I had to be working on two drawings at the same time.

What’s your favorite one? What’s your least favorite?

I love Nativity, Transfiguration and Communion! Least favorite is definitely the Wedding Miracle, although I appreciate it more now than I did when it first debuted at church 🙂 Ascension is another least favorite.

If you could redo any of them, which one would you choose?

Ascension. I was so physically and mentally tired at that point that it’s not as strong of a piece as the others.

Which ones will be in the note card set?

Definitely Nativity. I’m also thinking about Communion, Crucified if I can get a better picture of it, and the rest is still up in the air. I’d like to do The Boy’s Lunch because I like that one, but not sure it would fit with the theme. Resurrected would also be nice, but as that’s controversial, I don’t know if it will happen. I’m always up for suggestions!!!

Will they all be available as prints?

No. Nativity is available now, and a few others will follow soon.

What was the biggest challenge from undertaking this big project?

There were a few challenges we came across throughout this project! One was how we were going to convey Jesus. He’s not the blue eyed, long brownish haired man we see so commonly today, and I wanted to make these drawings as historically and Biblically accurate as possible. After lots of discussion with my pastor, we decided to keep him the typical Jesus we see portrayed today as to not confuse anyone who may not be as familiar with each story depicted.

Another challenge was trying to find time to get these done! They were debuted at least one every Sunday from the start of Lent to the first Sunday after Easter, so there was a big rush for each drawing to be completed. I was babysitting and had two kids not in school at that point, so it wasn’t easy.

I think the hardest part for me was the physical limitations I had at the very end. A lot of people don’t know this, but this project actually gave me tendinitis in my right arm (I’m right handed) from all of the drawing. If I spend too much time drawing at one time now, it will flare up again, but it’s much better than it had been.

Thanks for all the questions over the past few weeks! What was your favorite piece in the series? Which ones would you like to see available as a print or note card? Let me know below in the comments!

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