Here is the final drawing in the series!

Title: Ascension

Medium: Graphite on paper

Size: 18″ x 24″

When: Winter 2012

Time to complete: About 10 hours over a week

Thought process: This one was fairly easy to design; I knew I had to have Jesus ascending into the clouds with people watching in awe. My biggest problem was going to be figuring out how to design the clouds as clouds are not the easiest thing to draw.

Problems I encountered: This one was mostly physical. My arm and hand were so tired by this point that doing the act of drawing was really difficult. I think this drawing suffered because of my discomfort and exhaustion

Favorite part: The light rays coming down around Jesus.

Least favorite part: Most of this drawing I felt can be better. It almost makes me want to redo this whole piece!

Product availability: Unavailable.

To see the other drawings in this series, click here.

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