This week’s featured piece…

Title: Crucifixion 

Medium: Graphite on paper

Size: 18″ x 24″

When: Winter 2012

Time to complete: About 5 hours over a week, making this by far the least time consuming drawing of the whole series!!!

Thought process: This one was the easiest to design and draw, but by far it was the most emotional one of them all to create. I won’t get all theological as that’s not the purpose of this blog, but this one really reinforced that an innocent man died for me many many many years ago. It was challenging doing this one!

Problems I encountered: Getting through this one mentally. It was a simple drawing, but it carries so much weight with it’s meaning.

Favorite part: The sunrise behind the crosses. It was hard getting the effect just right. It’s hard to tell in this picture; there is so much graphite it’s hard getting a picture without a reflection. I’ll have to rephotograph this one so it will show up better!

Least favorite part: The fact it won’t photograph well 😉 But I’ll work on that!

Fun tidbits:

This is one of the most popular drawings in the series; I’ve gotten the most comments and even compliments on this one.

It is one of the six drawings from the series on permanent display in church.


Product availability: Unavailable at this time, but will probably be included in the note card set!

To see the other drawings in this series, click here.

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