Wedding Miracle

And for this week’s featured piece is drawing #3 out of 11 in my Jesus series:

Title: Wedding Miracle

Medium: Graphite on paper

Size: 18″ x 24″

When: Winter 2012

Time to complete: About 6 hours over a week

Thought process: This one was really hard for me. There isn’t that much detail in this story, so trying to figure out what it looked like was pretty stressful. This was Jesus’ first miracle (turning water into wine), so I wanted to make that the focus.

Problems I encountered: Everything? Trying to get a balance between the jars and background was really hard. I didn’t want to put a lot of design on the water jars and have it be super busy, but leaving them plain made the drawing look unfinished. I ended up just pushing the shadows bigger and darker to find that balance. Trying to fit all the jars into the composition without leaving a lot of empty space was also tricky.

Getting the water and wine to look liquid was hard, too!

Favorite part: Putting my signature on this as this was a really really stressful drawing and I was glad it was finished. Also hearing other people say they love it made me feel better about it.

Least favorite part: Everything else. I really don’t like this one, but not sure how I’d fix it or make it better. I hate not liking my work!

Product availability: Unavailable.

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