Hollands Vault Mural, Part 4

I really really really don’t want to write this blog post. Because if I write this blog post, I’m admitting I’m getting close to being finished with this mural, and I don’t want to finish.
Yes, I’m being dramatic.
I’m having too much fun working on this project. The Hollands family is so enthusiastic and just super great people to hang out with, and hey, painting Disney characters on a gun cabinet? That’s like a once in a lifetime kind of project!
On Sunday I put in about four hours of painting, and man, did I get a lot done! The entire top half of the mural is done, and here is what else I was able to accomplish:
I added a house…
Started a cowboy…
Painted three fairies…
Finished a race car…
Added a shadow…
And finished a princess and her companion!
I still have seven more characters to put in (including two princess, a mother and son duo, and a couple four legged creatures), but it’s in the final stretch now. I’m back working on it on Friday, and may even finish it then if things go smoothly.
What is your favorite character so far? Who are you hoping is still yet to come?

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