Q&A: Miscellaneous

Today is the last Q&A post for awhile! Thank you all for the questions; I hope I answered them all!

How do I buy your work?

You can check out my Etsy store here, and I also am planning on selling at a few arts and crafts shows this year as well. As soon as I know dates of those, I’ll put them as an event on Facebook and let you know in a blog post as well.

I can’t see your posts on WordPress anymore; how can I get the posts?

I think we have that problem fixed, finally! When I imported that blog to my website, it didn’t do what I thought it would, in that it would still link everything together (I’m really not that tech savvy!). When I heard about this issue, my husband fixed it for me so now all posts show up in both places 🙂

***UPDATE: all of my posts are on WordPress now as it has become my main website. If you have any problems viewing anything, please let me know!

Do you offer lessons?

At this time, I don’t offer personal lessons. I do have a few lessons that I teach at our local library each year. It works out to be two children’s lessons and two adult lessons. Each lesson is based on the art of a famous artist, and either has story time (for the kids) or a power point lesson (for the adults) for background information, as well as an art project based on that artist’s work.

Why did you change your pricing for drawings?

Before I opened the business, I just came up with numbers that “felt right.” Once I opened the business, I spent hours researching how to price my work. I came up with numbers that felt right, but made more sense. I just read an article recently on pricing your work, and they said that all the prices need to be consistent. When I looked at my pricing more in depth, I noticed it needed some tweaking.

What I ended up doing was changing the pricing from size of the piece to based on total square inches. This really will help me come up with estimates quicker and keep the prices fair. It will also be really helpful when I get a request for an odd size.

The prices overall didn’t change that much; most of them either went up or down by a couple dollars.

As a side note, if you have either received an estimate from me or have started talking to me about a piece but we haven’t gotten to the estimate part yet, you will get either the pre-change price or the new price, whichever works out to be the lesser amount.

When will your earrings be available on your website?

That is a really really good question. I’m honestly not sure. I was ready to put them up when I found a way to reinforce the earring holes by adding eyelets for the hooks to go through. The earrings already are very durable, but I want to be able to give my customers the best product that I can. I’m looking into buying the eyelets soon (they’re a special size, so hard to find) and then will have them up as soon as they’re finished being altered. I’m hoping by April to have them up; thank you for your patience and enthusiasm!

Did I answer all your questions? Let me know if I missed anything in the comments below!

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