Rain on the Lake

This week’s featured piece:

Title: Rain on the Lake

Medium: Watercolor

Size: 11″ x 14″

When: Fall 2014

Time to complete: A few hours over 3 or 4 days

Purpose: To see if I could do it (I’ve never really enjoyed watercolors and have found them difficult to use) and to work on building a portfolio of items for the art show in December

Problems I encountered: Getting the trees dark enough was pretty difficult. I had a hard time getting them dark enough without becoming big black blobs. Finding that happy medium between dark enough yet still tree-like was a challenge, and I think this was actually my second or third painting of this subject before I felt I got it right.

The clouds were also on the tricky side; getting them dark enough in color but still light enough in weight so they looked like clouds took quite a bit of time.

Favorite part: Um….everything. I’d love to own this piece, but if I kept all the pieces I loved that I made, I’d run out of wall space and would never have anything to sell!

Least favorite part: I don’t think I have anything that really bothers me about this piece!

Product availability: This is available as an original, a print in two sizes, and in my Landscape note card set!


Have you tried watercolors before? What do you think of them?

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