Hollands Vault Mural, Part 2

This week I’ve been able to put in about 8 hours of painting time in. It’s moving quicker than I anticipated, so I’m hoping I can keep up the pace!
On Wednesday, I painted in the background…
most of the vault sign…
Mickey Mouse ears…
and Jiminy Cricket!
Today I finished the vault sign…
started putting in balloons…
added Mike (who can’t believe he’s on the mural)…
blocked in one princes…
and another princess in her tower!
I won’t be able to go back and work until next Saturday as schedules don’t allow time during the week. When I work on it again, I hope to finish up everything I started today, as well as start some other characters, including three little flying ladies and a cowboy with his horse!
Any guesses on what characters are still left to paint? Who would you put on the mural?

2 thoughts on “Hollands Vault Mural, Part 2

  1. I LOVE this! You are the perfect person to do it too – if I remember my fish correctly.

    I think Woody is going to be there, by the way.

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