Q&A: Commissions

This week’s Q&A topic is on commissions!

How do commissions work? Do I need a photograph of what the finished drawing will look like, or can I just use an idea and come up with something?

The answer is yes to both!

I have done many drawings where I have been given a photograph and am asked to draw it. Examples of these pieces are Milo, QD, Jaxon, and the Prinzi House.

Other times someone has an idea in their head of what they’re looking for, but they don’t have any reference images available. A great example of this would be The Well.

When Sarah won the certificate for the drawing at the auction, we set up a meeting time to plan the drawing. It was a super easy meeting as she already knew what she wanted, and she is super clear about what she wants. Her requests were simple:

– it has to be nature based

– a subtle biblical/God connection needs to be present

She ended up deciding on a fig tree at dawn with a well, jars, and grape vines.

Once we had the plan in place and we decided on a layout (I did a rough sketch at the meeting), it was time to figure out details. I needed to know things like what a fig tree looked like, what it’s leaves were shaped like, and how a grape vine climbed on a rock wall. Here are some reference images I used:

This helped get an idea of how the sun beams played with the tree

By putting all of these (and other reference images) together, I was able to create this image:

Do you only take drawing commissions? 

The answer right now is mostly. At this point in time I don’t have much time for really putting the time into paintings or murals to be able to do commissions on a regular basis. In the next couple of years, my youngest will be starting school and I hope to no longer be babysitting. So in the meantime, I am mostly doing drawings as they are the easiest to fit into my schedule. As long as schedules are flexible, I may take on a painting or mural commission, but I make sure that my clients know that I cannot guarantee them done in a relatively short amount of time.

How much does a drawing commission cost?

It really depends on the size and how difficult the drawing is going to be. Pricing for the most popular sizes (5″x7″, 8″x10″, and 11″x14″) can be viewed on the product page for Custom Graphite Drawing here. If you’re interested in another size, you can email me at any time at shawnaapps@gmail.com and I’d love to work something out with you!

Does it cost anything to just meet with you?

Never! We can talk about a piece, even sketch out a rough idea of what the piece would look like and it doesn’t cost you a penny. The only time you pay me is when I hand over a piece; some pieces may need a down payment, but that’s only if I have to buy paper or a canvas in a size that I don’t have on hand.

Did I miss anything? Any other questions you have about commissions? Let me know in the comments below!

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