Hollands Vault Mural, Part 1

What seems like forever ago, my friend Cheryl approached me with an idea for a mural. They were looking into turning their bonus room into a home theater room, and she had an idea of turning their gun locker into the Disney Vault. Over the past few months (maybe a year? It’s been a blur!), we’ve gone through many different versions of this mural, from just doing the Mickey ears and a variation of the Disney Vault sign, to various characters painted on the locker door, and even a film strip starting on the locker and weaving it’s way around all the walls in the room. Let’s just say my file for this project is very full with many different sketches and designs in it!

Honestly, I love having to change the design up and keep tweaking it. This project has grown, and we have finally decided on something that their family all loves and we’re all excited to have happen. 

The final design was something I came up with right before our last design meeting. They had compiled a list of must have characters for the Vault, and Cheryl had given me loose instructions on where each character was to go on the door (up high, down low, etc.). When I was sketching out the design on graph paper, it almost read like a scene; certain characters that were up high should be in the sky, but the ones down at the bottom were on grass. With a little bit of tweaking and some creative interpretations on what characters might be doing, I came up with the final design.

I was nervous going into that last design meeting; Cheryl and her family are super flexible, but this design was completely different than anything we had talked about. Needless to say, they loved it, and agreed that this was the design we were going to go with!

I finally was able to start the priming of the cabinet today. Between waiting for the room to be finished and the weather to cooperate, it was very exciting getting to actually start the project! I’ll be going over a couple more times this week to start painting in the scene and characters, and hope to finish the entire project by the end of the month! 

Stay tuned for another blog update next weekend! Can’t wait that long to see how it’s going? Follow me on Facebook for progress updates!

What is your favorite Disney character?

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