Throwback Thursday: Flowers

For this week’s Throwback, I present to you…


Title: Flowers

Size: 22″ x 30″

Medium: Graphite on paper

When: Advanced Drawing, Spring 2006

Purpose: Class assignment. This was an exercise on basically everything we’d learned in our previous drawing classes, from shading to composition.

Flower detail 3

Time to complete: I think this was a two week project, meaning it was about 12 or so hours in class, plus out of class time on top of that.

Thought process: As I mentioned in my Torso post, I don’t like drawing the entire still life/model set up. I like to zoom in on it for a more abstract composition. For this project doing that was difficult as the flowers were set up on a table in the middle of the room, and we all were sitting at tables about 10 feet away. It makes getting that close up detail almost impossible, but I think it’s okay that there isn’t that much detail in this piece.

Flower detail 2

Problems I encountered: Like I mentioned above, getting the close up detail was difficult. Also, over the weekend, someone moved the flowers so when we went into class the following week, all of the flowers were not in the same positions as we had left them. We tried to get them back as close to position as we could, but we had to make do as much as we could.

Favorite part: I feel like I did really well with getting enough variety of shades, especially in the upper left flower. I think there aren’t too many areas where it is muddy because I didn’t push my darks darker or lights lighter.

Flower detail 1

Least favorite part: The top left leaf. There’s a dark tip of a petal, and although that’s what it looked like on the flower, it just bothers me! I’m probably just being silly, but I think it sticks out like a sore thumb.


What are your favorite flowers?

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