Throwback Thursday: Torso

Oh man, I love this drawing…


Title: Torso (I’m original, what can I say?)

Medium: Graphite on paper

Size: 18″ x 24″

When: My Drawing 3 class in college, Fall semester 2005

Purpose: Class assignment

Torso detail2

Thought process: We had live models come in and pose for us. I liked to think a little different than everyone else and zoom in on parts of whatever our subject was, to me it seemed like less I had to draw and worry about getting to scale. I loved the way the model’s shirt wrinkled; I LOVE drawing folds in fabric (I’m weird like that). It was slightly abstract in that the whole model wasn’t included, but still enough information you could kind of see what everything was.

Torso detail1

Problems I encountered: Live models move. I like drawing things that don’t move; that way, if I get frustrated with one area of my drawing or painting, I can always come back to it later and it’s still in the same spot. With live models, it’s almost like you have to work on the whole piece at the same time as they unintentionally fidget or adjust themselves after sitting for 2-3 hours (with a break in the middle, of course!). There are parts of the drawing where you can see where I started sketching part of the shirt sleeve or a wrinkle in, but had to change it as the model adjusted. It was a new experience, and part of the learning process!

Favorite part: All of it. I love everything about this piece! I love how the hands are folded, that the knee cap turned out pretty good, the neck doesn’t look emaciated (it was hard getting it to look right!), the folds of the shirt…yeah, I like this one.

Torso detail3

Least favorite part: Okay, so the elbow is a little funny…and the position of the leg…


I had to reword this one a little bit, but the essence of the question is more along the lines of shock that an art class has clothed models. Our college asked for volunteer students to model, and although no clothing was preferred by the art department, as  skin tight as possible clothing was acceptable. Most of the models I experienced did wear tight shirts and shorts, one even wore a bathing suit. It wasn’t too often that someone volunteered to be fully nude, and I never had one model in my classes.


Do you prefer the whole picture (the entire subject), or just a glimpse of the subject, like this drawing?

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