Throwback Thursday: Jaxon

This week’s Throwback is this cute little guy!

jaxon jeana

Title: Jaxon

Medium: Graphite on paper

Size: 8″ x 10″ with some drawing on the 11″ x 14″ mat as well.

When: November 2013

Purpose: Commission by John Soble as a gift for his daughter-in-law as a Christmas gift

History: John approached me sometime in November asking if I’d be willing to do two drawings for him to give as Christmas gifts. This one is for his daughter-in-law, the other was going to be for his wife. Both drawings were going to be of Jaxon, his grandson.

Thought process: For this drawing, John wanted some specific things, all which were easy to accommodate. I had to change the design on the onesie to a Boston Red Sox ‘B’, not draw the background of the photograph in, and then he wanted a border of baby blocks spelling out scripture references on parenting. It was pretty straight forward!

Problems I encountered: Drawing Jaxon’s hand was very difficult! I’m not sure if it’s the lighting from the photograph or if he was moving his hand, but it was hard not having the fingers look like they were swollen or were actually rubber costume gloves.

Also, getting the baby blocks to all be the same size, be different values of light and dark, and have the scripture references fit was no easy task. I remember the block border took almost as long as the actual drawing did! But it looks awesome, and that’s what matters 🙂


Favorite part of the piece: Seeing it done! I wasn’t sure how the border on the mat was going to look; I didn’t want it to be too busy that it took away from the drawing. But it really worked, and adds something special to the drawing.

Least favorite part: When you can’t find the pretty pictures of a drawing, only a quick preview cell phone shot. This is what happens when you have two computers that hardly work that hold all of my disorganized photos from the past couple years. I have an external hard drive that holds all my photos now, so from here on out we shouldn’t have any more problems. Thanks for putting up with my bad pictures!


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