Throwback Thursday: Funky Bunnies!

And this week’s Throwback Thursday piece is…..

Death of the funky bunnies

Title: Death of the Funky Bunnies

Medium: Permanent marker on paper

Size: 24″ x 54″

When: My freshman college intro to art class; spring semester 2003

Purpose: Class assignment

History: In my class, we were learning about positive and negative space, as well as making interesting compositions. One of our homework assignments was to draw 10 random interesting objects. I think I had chosen things like my scissors, a pile of hangers, a hand, my light…things like that. I remember feeling frustrated after putting time into sketching in details of all the objects to just go in and fill them in with permanent markers.

For this assignment, we had to take those drawings and do a large three panel drawing. One panel had to have one image repeated, another had to have four images collaged together into one large image, and the last panel had to have one image but it had to divide in half so one part would have the image positive space, the other half would have the image as negative space.

Thought process: This was one of our first assignments for that class, so I didn’t really know what I was doing. Our professor wanted to three panels to flow together, and I remember it being hard to get the flow. My middle panel took awhile to get it to mesh well with the left panel. Most of my classmates divided their last panel either horizontally or vertically, but I did mine at a diagonal as I thought it mimicked the angle of the scissor handles coming down as well as created more flow for the white traveling into the last panel.

Problems I encountered: Have you ever tried doing a huge project in winter in a small room with just permanent markers? Hellooooo fumes! And headaches. And dying markers. I think I went through four or five of the big fat permanent markers for this project.

Fun tidbits: How did this piece get it’s name? It was totally unintentional, but when the piece was done, it looked like this really silly looking rabbits were falling to their death in the left panel. In the middle panel, it looks like a priest hand blessing them as they are heading towards the light in the right panel. Random, I know, but the title stuck and it’s one of my favorite pieces because of that!

Favorite part: I love the flow of the piece, how it draws your eye to the right. I also like how the middle panel turned out.

Least favorite part: I don’t like how streaky the marker is. I’m such a perfectionist!


What do you think of the title? 

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